Altcoinist: Ambassador Program

Altcoinist: Ambassador Program
Altcoinist, the world's first DAO powered "DYOR" platform

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👋 Introduction to Altcoinist

In today's digital age, knowledge has become a commodity, and the worldwide web has undergone an incredible transformation in the last few decades. In the fast-moving world, you must have access to accurate and timely information. However, this is no easy feat, as navigating the crypto world can be overwhelming with the many options available today. This must leave you wondering; How do you realistically keep track of all the different digital assets?

That’s why conducting thorough research prior to investing in crypto is important to make well-informed decisions.

Crypto research is a critical component in the evolution and adoption of the Blockchain Technology. By fostering innovation, enhancing security, informing regulation, and promoting public awareness, research in this field paves the way for a future where digital currencies can coexist with traditional financial systems and transform industries worldwide. As the world of cryptocurrencies continues to expand and evolve, the importance of rigorous and comprehensive research cannot be underestimated.

This is where AltcoinistDAO comes in.

AltcoinistDAO aims to be a “go-to” resource for anyone who wants to learn about and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the blockchain technology. The platform offers high-quality and authentic peer-to-peer reviews from experts in the field, providing users with an easy way to access reliable information about this space. By staying abreast of the latest developments, Altcoinist empowers its readers to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

We set out to create the world's first Decentralized Crypto Review platform: AltcoinistDAO. Powered by the community and equipped with advanced Web 3 tools, including a powerful Ai Search Engine and decentralized Governance.

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🚀 Launching the Altcoinist Explorer Ambassador Program

Our mission is to foster the largest community and become one of the fastest-growing social DAO in the space.

We launched the Altcoinist Explorer program to make this happen. Partake, level up, and potentially secure a full-time job in Web3.

🤝 How to become part of the Community?

Follow AltcoinistDAO on Twitter

Join the AltcoinistDAO Discord Community.

Join the Altcoinist Telegram Announcement Channel.

Participate in Discord & engage in conversation with the rest of the community.

🧱 Altcoinist Explorer Program Structure

How can you level up?

To level up, the following criteria must be met:

Fulfil current requirements (depending on the Tier you’re in)

Post your work to the “Ambassador Showcase” channel

  • Follow, like & RT other Ambassador’s posts
  • This way, you’re increasing your follower base, and your social media impact and Altcoinist gets more exposure (it’s a win-win! :)

Recruit more ambassadors

  • Invite and refer the very best Crypto Ambassador to join the Altcoinist Explorer program
  • If you’re a Senator or an Ambassador, you’ll be tasked to choose up to 5 ambassadors from a level lower (that’s below your Rank) to join a higher Tier (at the end of every month)

Be active on Twitter/Discord/Telegram

  • There is a great chance that ambassadors at a level higher than yours will choose you to join their tier
  • Once you level up, you’re unlocking more rewards

🎖️ Explorer Rank

Altcoinist Explorer Rank.png

💸 Program Reward Structure

Ambassadors will have monthly rewards that are contributed at the beginning of the month. Ambassador. To be rewarded 50% proportionally: $USDC / $ALTT

Below is the Reward Structure:

Altcoinist Explorer Ambassador Reward.png

📝 Topics examples you can use for your content

💡 Our tagline is Altcoinist - The world's first community-based decentralized crypto review platform
Explanatory posts
  • What is AltcoinistDAO?
  • What makes Altcoinist unique?
  • Who is an Altcoinist?
  • How is the AltcoinistDAO growing?
  • Altcoinist Review Platform how is it unique to what exists?
  • Why does the AltcoinistDAO exist?
  • Highlighting key technical advantages of the Altcoinist Review Platform?
Connecting with other projects that could leverage AltcoinistDAO

Look for ongoing conversations on topics related to DeFi, Metaverse & NFT around Twitter, try to give opinions, and tie them back to ways to leverage Altcoinist

Help grow the Altcoinist Community.
  • Invite people to join Discord.
  • Invite people to join the Altcoinist Explorer program.
  • Invite people to join Twitter spaces w/.

🖼️ Branding Toolkit & Tips

If you want to create any kind of media - banners, infographics, videos, GIFs, memes, you can use the following folder with Altcoinist official logos and templates.

<aside> 👋 Hashtags to use:

#Altcoinist, #DAO, #DeFi, #Blockchain


Grammarly is a great program that helps you correct grammar and spelling mistakes when writing. It is free and can be installed on your browser and desktop. This is very helpful for native & non-native English speakers.

🧭 Where can you find content for your posts?

💥 Altcoinist - The First Decentralized Crypto Review Platform 💥

The importance of fundamentals in crypto

By understanding the fundamental aspects of a project, you can evaluate its potential risks and limitations, determine its potential for growth and success, and make well-informed investment decisions.

Below are some of the essential fundamentals to consider when evaluating a cryptocurrency project:

The technology behind the project: It's essential to understand how the cryptocurrency works, including the underlying blockchain technology and any relevant protocols or algorithms. Consider the scalability, security, and stability of the project.

The team behind the project: Look for information about the team's experience and track record and assess their credibility and expertise. Consider the size of the group and the diversity of their backgrounds and skill sets.

Adoption and usage: Consider cryptocurrency's current and potential adoption and use. This can impact its value and potential for growth.

Market conditions: Look at the overall market conditions, including the performance of other cryptocurrencies and the various factors influencing their price movements.

Risks and limitations: Evaluate the potential risks and regulations of the cryptocurrency project, including regulatory risks and the potential for technical issues.

The process of researching and sharing content about crypto fundamentals may benefit from some enhancements. Our team firmly believes that a decentralized crypto review platform equipped with an advanced search engine, top-notch governance protocols, and seamless integration of advanced Web 3 tools would revolutionize this domain. By doing so, we could effectively optimize the research and analysis of critical information for crypto enthusiasts and empower them to make well-informed investment decisions.

This is the core idea behind the Altcoinist DAO platform.

Altcoinist vision: The AltcoinistDAO aims to create a space where crypto enthusiasts can enjoy learning about Altcoins, Metaverse, Defi, NFTs, DAOs, and other crypto-related fundamentals,  while also expressing themselves and their thoughts via their Web 3 identity, and make decisions together as a community.

Altcoinist Platform aims to focus purely on crypto fundamentals, without the noise, and lets people enjoy researching and learning as a community.

The main product of the Altcoinist Platform is crypto reviews created by crypto enthusiasts.

Since we believe everyone who loves crypto and altcoins can be an Altcoinist, anyone can post crypto reviews by connecting a wallet and creating a post.

On the Alcoinist platform, users can search by narratives, projects, or content creators (Altcoinists). Other main features include:

  • Crypto Reviews - Content creators (Altcoinists) can share reviews about their favorite crypto projects.
  • Review Voting System - Users, after connecting their cryptocurrency wallet to the Altcoinist Platform, can submit reviews of different cryptocurrencies, and other users can upvote or downvote these reviews.
  • Proof-of-Review (PoR) - Content creators (Altcoinists) can get ALTT token rewards for their reviews.
  • Ai-powered Search Engine - Altcoinist Decentralized Crypto Review Platform will incorporate several metrics into its search engine to help users find the most relevant and reliable reviews.
  • Donation - Users of the Altcoinist Platform can send ALTT token donations to content creators (Altcoinists).
  • Altcoinist Ladder - The Altcoinist Ladder system is a way of ranking and organizing individuals or groups based on their performance or contributions within a particular context.
  • Preventing Spam - A Basic version of the filtering mechanisms will be implemented initially, and as the community grows, DAO members will have the ability to vote on decisions related to content moderation

We will launch a One-of-a-Kind Solution where users can post reviews about their favorite crypto projects.

🤔 What problem does Altcoinist solve?

You can make better decisions and build a higher conviction by getting more insight into the same project. There are several benefits of offering project-specific search functionality on our decentralized crypto review platform:

Improved user experience: By allowing users to narrow down their search results to a particular cryptocurrency project, the platform provides a more targeted and relevant search experience. It helps users find information quickly and easily.

Increased engagement: Project-specific search functionality encourages users to engage more with the platform by allowing them to easily find and browse reviews of projects they are interested in. This helps to increase the overall level of activity and engagement on the platform.

Enhanced credibility: By allowing users to search specifically for reviews of a particular project, the platform can help increase the credibility of the reviews. For example, suppose a user is interested in a particular project and wants to read reviews about it. In that case, they can easily find all the relevant reviews in one place rather than searching through many unrelated reviews. This helps to increase the perceived reliability of the reviews.

Better organization: Project-specific search functionality helps to organize and structure the review content on the platform, making it easier for users to find the information they need. This will be particularly useful for platforms with a large volume of review content.

Project-specific search functionality helps to improve the user experience, increase engagement and credibility, and better organize review content on the Altcoinist Platform.

🔮 What makes Altcoinist unique?

AltcoinistDAO is a unique platform that brings together crypto enthusiasts worldwide to learn, express themselves, and make decisions as a community. Our vision is to create a space where people can share their knowledge and passion for cryptocurrency.

AltcoinistDAO is passionate about supporting our members through decentralized governance, active treasury management, and content-rewarding mechanisms.

Get your Crypto Review from an Altcoinist! Below is a competitor analysis that compares AltcoinistDAO upcoming Review Platform to other existing social media platforms

🧩 Solving a Curial Issue: Accurate Search Engine

The Altcoinist mission is to build the best infrastructure for Web3 social media. Fundamentally, blockchains are distributed databases and how this can be leveraged to bring accurate information into the Altcoinist platform.

Some initial metrics that the Altcoinist Platform will consider include:

  1. Relevance: The search engine uses algorithms to rank reviews based on how closely they match the search terms entered by the user. This helps users find reviews that are most relevant to their needs.
  2. Voting: Reviews that receive a high number of upvotes will be ranked higher in the search results, while those that receive a significant number of downvotes could be ranked lower.
  3. Reviewer reputation: The search engine will use the reviewer's reputation data to help rank reviews. For example, studies from users with a long history of posting high-quality reviews will be given more weight than those from newer or less reputable reviewers.
  4. Timeliness: As the cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, the search engine gives higher priority to recent reviews compared to older ones. This is because newer thoughts are more likely to be relevant and accurate
  5. Engagement: The search engine considers the level of engagement a review receives from other users, such as the number of likes or comments. it receives. This indicates the quality and relevance of the review.
  6. Project-specific search: To compare different reviews of the same projects and learn from different angles and perspectives of different Altcoinists

💚 Explorer: International Growth Program

Explorer is a career growth program created by the Altcoinist Community. It is the first of its kind, offering a unique opportunity for anyone interested in crypto to grow, develop, and perfect their skills.

Starting from the same level, Explorer (Altcoinist participants) can choose what they want to do: content creation, article/guide translation, writing documentation, creating TikTok or YouTube videos, or engaging with the rest of the Altcoinist community. The Altcoinist team encourages everyone to do what they're most comfortable with and bring new ideas.

The best thing about this program? Explorers can level up and potentially earn a full-time job in Web3! The Altcoinist team offers full support throughout the journey, starting with the "Everything You Need to Know About Altcoinist" document that contains all the necessary information, content examples, a brand toolkit, a list of FAQs, links to the rest of Altcoinist's documentation, and much more.

The program structure consists of 6 levels:

  • Affiliate - Anyone that is currently in Discord and Telegram
  • Counsellor - Affiliates that are Level 7 in discord and have made explanatory posts/threads on AltcoinistDao on Twitter.
  • Minister - Best Counsellors, according to Ministers.
  • Senator - Best Minister, according to Senator.
  • Ambassador - Best Senator, according to Ambassador.
  • Chairman - Best Ambassador according to Chairman + Altcoinist team (we’re all in this together)

Opportunities and benefits

Each level brings unique opportunities and benefits that can be unlocked once a certain level is reached.


How to get involved?

  1. Follow Altcoinist on Twitter for all major announcements.
  2. Follow Altcoinist on Instagram for brief updates.
  3. Join Altcoinist Discord.
  4. Join Altcoinist Telegram.
  5. Participate in Discord & engage in conversation with the rest of the community.

Currently, the program has just started, and we are aiming for many explorer participants.

💚 The Rise of the Altcoinist Movement

We’re here to spark a movement where we truly believe that everyone can be an Altcoinist. If you’re involved in Crypto or looking to get started, joining the AltcoinistDAO is a way to kick-start your Crypto Journey. While most of us are not keen to understand the complexities of blockchain, we want to make this practical and aim to onboard the next billions of users to Web3. Crypto Education is the key and the Altcoinist movement aims to educate people about Cryptocurrencies, we emphasize the importance of crypto education.

🧑‍💻 Core-Team

The Altcoinist Team consists of individuals from three distinct backgrounds:

  1. Media Entrepreneurs, most notably Mate Tokay, the Co-Founder who is one of the early co-founders of / and has extensive expertise in managing Crypto-niche focused Publication
  2. Bitcoin OGs who go way back to the early days when Bitcoin/Crypto made its initial debut
  3. Social Entrepreneurs who have pursued novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems.

🔗 Altcoinist’s Documentations

| 🤔 Need more Help?

Gone through this Notion Hub and still got questions, queries or issues? Do not hesitate and who will be available to assist you.

🔗 Sign up - Altcoinist Explorer Ambassador Program

Enroll in the Ambassador program by completing the registration form found here.

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  • Once on the 👣 start-here channel, react to the image at the end of the ambassador message with the Altcoinist emoji, which is the Altcoinist Logo located below the ambassador message.
  • After reacting to the 👣 start-here to confirm that you have been promoted check on the Altcoinist Discord server if you have been promoted see the following image below:
  • Check the 📢 cm-announcements channel after you’re promoted to view the program reward structure and onboarding guidelines, please read it carefully as it contains important links for:
  • Signing Up
  • Submitting Content
  • Levelling up
  • If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the 💬cm-chat channel and one of our admins will assist you.