Altcoinist Beta Launch & Crypto Review Campaign

Altcoinist Beta Launch & Crypto Review Campaign

We are thrilled to announce the grand launch of the Altcoinist Beta! We're not just launching a platform, we're launching a community, a movement, and a revolution in the way we approach cryptocurrency reviews. Our platform is designed to bring in-depth, user-generated, and unbiased reviews to the forefront of the crypto space. And to celebrate our launch, we're unveiling an incredible Zealy Community Campaign where you, yes, “YOU”, can participate and win big!

Why the Crypto Review Campaign?

The Altcoinist Crypto Review Campaign offers members a thrilling and financially rewarding opportunity to engage with and voice their insights on critical crypto projects. In addition to contributing your expert opinions and real-world experiences, you could qualify for significant prizes from a prize pool valued at up to $100,000 in ALTT and USDC.

How Does It Work?

We will host the Campaign through Zealy, and the Crypto Review Campaign will be in a competition format. By participating and completing various tasks, you will earn Experience Points (XP). Accumulate the most XP, and you could walk away with incredible prizes!

Time Period

  • The campaign will run for three months, from September 18th to December 18th.

KPI and Eligibility

Crypto Projects of the Week - Quests

  • Each week, 25 projects from our curated list of 300 eligible projects will be selected for the "Crypto Projects of the Week". The best review submitted for each of the 25 selected projects will be eligible for a 1,000 XP bonus.

Top Review of the Week - Quests

  • Each week, we will spotlight the top 3 standout reviews across all eligible projects. These reviews will not only gain bragging rights but will also receive USDC reward of $100 + 1000 XP bonus.

First to do a Crypto Review - Quests

  • Be the first to submit a review for any of the projects featured in "Crypto Projects of the Week" weekly list and you'll be eligible for an additional 1,000 XP bonus.

Experience Points (XP) Levels

  • One Review: Earn 2000 XP
  • Max Reviews (Low Social Following): 3 Reviews = Up to 6000 XP
  • Max Reviews (High Social Following: at least 10k Followers): 5 Reviews = Up to 10000 XP
  • Quality Review Accreditation: Grade B = 200 XP, Grade A = 500 XP
  • Review of the Week (Top 3) = 1000 XP
  • Crypto Review of the Week = 1000 XP
  • First to do a Crypto Review = 1000 XP

Cash Prizes

  • Top 3 Reviews of the Week: will receive $100 each in USDC (Total USDC Prize Pool for this = $3600)

Top Zealy Participants

  • Massive cash and ALTT rewards for the top participants in Zealy leaderboards.

Prize Pool Allocation

The total prize pool of $100,000 is broken down as follows:

  • $75,000 worth of ALTT tokens to fuel your crypto journey
  • $25,000 in USDC for immediate liquidity

Top Zealy Participants: The Leaderboard Standings

We're not just talking rewards, we're talking massive incentives to bring out the crypto reviewer in you.

Prize Distribution Breakdown

  • Top 1 - 10 Reviewers: A collective pot of $20,000 is reserved for this elite group. Each reviewer in this category will receive a whopping $2,000!
  • Top 11 - 50 Reviewers: Holding a position here? You're still in for a treat! A total of $20,000 is allocated for this tier, with each individual reviewer scoring $500.
  • Top 51 - 300 Reviewers: Make it to this tier, and you're not leaving empty-handed. A total of $55,500 is up for grabs, and each reviewer in this bracket will get $222.

And much more...

How to Participate

  • Sign up on official Review Platform.
  • Choose from the eligible projects and submit your review via Zealy
  • Share your review on other socials and earn more XP.
  • Keep an eye on the Zealy leaderboard to track your progress.

Quality Assurance Note

Rest assured, your hard work won't go unnoticed. The Altcoinist Team will be actively curating, reviewing, and scoring each submitted review based on quality. Reviews that meet our grading criteria will be eligible for extra Experience Points (XP), making your insightful contributions even more rewarding!

The countdown has begun, and we're excited to discover the crypto wisdom you're about to drop! 🚀

Let Your Reviews Shine

Your insights, your eloquence, and your unique voice aren't just welcome—they're essential. Let's shape the future of informed decision-making, one insightful review at a time 🌟

Your reviews, your words, and your voice matter. See you on the Altcoinist Review Platform and best of luck in the Crypto Review Campaign!