Orai: AI-Blockchain Fusion | Altcoinist Official Review

Orai: AI-Blockchain Fusion | Altcoinist Official Review
ORAI: AI-Blockchain Fusion

Project Overview

  • Multidimensional Trustworthiness: Oraichain offers multidimensional trustworthy proofs of AI, ensuring a genuine and secure AI integration with blockchain technologies.
  • World's Premier AI Oracle: Oraichain stands out as the world's first layer 1 of AI Oracle™, marking a significant milestone in the blockchain and AI sectors.
  • Token and Contracts: The Oraichain ecosystem revolves around its native token, ORAI. Users can acquire ORAI, stake it, and interact with various contracts through platforms like OraiDEX and OraiBridge.
  • Developer-Centric: Oraichain provides a plethora of tools and resources for developers, including the CosmWasm IDE and an Accelerator Program, ensuring a supportive environment for blockchain and AI innovations.
  • Expansive Ecosystem: Oraichain's ecosystem encompasses a range of projects and platforms. This includes the AI Marketplace, aiRight, EUENO, Kawaiiverse, and other decentralized applications (DApps).
  • Resource Availability: For those seeking an in-depth understanding of Oraichain, the platform offers a comprehensive whitepaper, media kit, and a dedicated blog to keep the community informed.


A pertinent question arises in the ever-evolving blockchain world: Why haven't conventional blockchains embraced AI models? The answer lies in the inherent complexities and nuances of integrating intricate AI models, like neural networks, into the rigid structure of smart contracts. But what if there was a bridge that could seamlessly connect the power of AI with the security of blockchain?

Enter Oraichain, a groundbreaking platform that's redefining the boundaries of what's possible. Here's a glimpse of what sets Oraichain apart:

  • AI Meets Blockchain: While traditional smart contracts grapple with strictness, limited data size, and programming environment challenges, Oraichain emerges as a beacon, offering solutions that harmoniously blend AI's flexibility with blockchain's rigidity.
  • A Unique Ecosystem: Not just another blockchain platform, Oraichain boasts features like AI Oracles, a bustling AI Marketplace, and a platform for AI providers to showcase their innovations. It's a holistic ecosystem where AI developers and users converge.
  • Empowering the Community: With Oraichain, it's not just about technology; it's about the people. From staking & earning opportunities to a decentralized governance model (ORAI DAO), Oraichain ensures that the community is at the heart of every decision.
  • Redefining Smart Contracts: Oraichain challenges the status quo by enhancing smart contracts' capabilities, allowing them to interact with off-chain data securely and efficiently, thanks to its advanced oracle system.

Join us as we delve deeper into Oraichain's world, where AI's potential is unlocked, and blockchain's limitations are reimagined. Welcome to the future of decentralized AI applications.

Oraichain Use Cases

Oraichain is leading the charge in seamlessly integrating AI with DApps, aiming to supercharge the potential of smart contracts. Their decentralized AI API marketplace is a testament to their commitment ensuring users have access to top-tier AI solutions at cost-effective rates. This is crucial as it democratizes access to advanced AI, leveling the playing field for all users. The Oraichain Data Hub is not just a platform; it's a vision for the future of the data economy. By offering tools that monetize data while protecting creator rights, it addresses the pressing need for data security and fair compensation in today's digital age.

Their aiRight platform is revolutionizing the NFT domain. By using AI Oracle to validate the authenticity of multimedia works, it ensures that creators' original works are protected in the vast digital landscape. This is vital in an age where digital replication is easy, but attribution is often lost. The AI Marketplace, meanwhile, serves as a comprehensive hub for AI innovations, catering to the growing demand for AI solutions in various sectors.

Drawing inspiration from platforms like yearn.finance (YFI), Oraichain's yAI approach to yield farming is groundbreaking. By integrating AI-driven strategies, it offers users optimized returns, addressing the market's need for smarter, more efficient investment strategies. Their introduction of face authentication in smart contracts is not just innovative; it's a nod to the future of user-centric design. Such features can drastically enhance user experience, making tasks like balance checks and withdrawals more intuitive and secure.

In a world where misinformation is rampant, Oraichain's approach to fake news detection is more than just a feature; it's a necessity. By allowing applications to verify news sources using diverse AI providers, it ensures that the truth is not just an option but a guarantee. And they're not stopping there. Oraichain's roadmap includes solutions that address real-world challenges, from ensuring product authenticity to automating diagnostics. Each of these use cases underscores Oraichain's commitment to leveraging AI for a better, more efficient future.

Use Cases Summary

  • AI-Enhanced Smart Contracts: AI is set to revolutionize DApps by making smart contracts smarter. Oraichain offers a decentralized marketplace for AI APIs, allowing users to find optimal AI providers at competitive prices.
  • Oraichain Data Hub: A hub designed to bolster the data economy, offering tools to monetize data while preserving creator royalties.
  • aiRight: A platform developed by Oraichain for NFT copyright management, utilizing AI Oracle to verify the authenticity of multimedia works minted on-chain.
  • AI Marketplace: A comprehensive platform providing access to AI products and APIs.
  • Yield Farming (yAI): Inspired by yearn.finance (YFI), Oraichain introduces AI-based strategies for yield farming. Features include AI-optimized vault strategies and metrics like ROI, risk score, and price prediction.
  • Face Authentication in Smart Contracts: Oraichain proposes scenarios where face authentication can enhance user experience, such as balance checks, withdrawals, and smart contract executions.
  • Fake News Detection: Oraichain's decentralized marketplace allows applications to verify news authenticity by aggregating results from various AI providers.
  • Upcoming Use Cases: Oraichain is developing solutions for verifying product authenticity, determining loans based on credit scores, pricing game items, and more, including a marketplace for automated diagnostics.

Case Study

Oraichain and Babylon: Advancing Blockchain Security

Oraichain, as a Layer 1 blockchain focused on integrating AI into smart contracts, has partnered with Babylon, a security protocol designer for the decentralized realm. This collaboration introduces the Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol to Oraichain, enhancing its security. Babylon's integration brings Bitcoin's unparalleled security features to Oraichain, merging Proof of Work and Proof of Stake mechanisms. This union promises a future where decentralized AI applications are more trustworthy and secure. Backed by Stanford researchers, Babylon is innovating with three key security-sharing protocols, aiming for a fortified decentralized landscape.

Babylon Integrates with AI Oracle L1 Oraichain
IBC-enabled Layer 1 Oraichain to reinforce security using Bitcoin Timestamping Protocol through testnet integration with Babylon Artificial Intelligence has significantly impacted the world as we…

Deep Dive into Oraichain's Technology

Oraichain is a unique project that stands at the intersection of AI and blockchain. Let's delve into the intricate details of its system and understand the technological marvel behind it.


1. System Overview

Oraichain's architecture is designed to be a bridge between AI models and blockchain. It leverages AI to validate and enhance data sources used in smart contracts. The system is built on three main components:

  • AI Request & Response: This is the core of Oraichain, where AI services are requested and responses are generated.
  • Data Providers & AI Services: These are the entities that provide data to the Oraichain network.
  • Validators: They play a crucial role in ensuring the accuracy and validity of data.

2. AI Layer 1 for Data Economy & Oracle Services

Oraichain's AI Layer 1 is a foundational layer that focuses on data economy and oracle services. It's designed to be scalable, ensuring that as the demand for AI services grows, Oraichain can handle the increased load.

3. Layer 2 Rollups and Subnetworks

To further enhance scalability and efficiency, Oraichain employs Layer 2 solutions. These are essentially secondary layers built on top of the main blockchain, designed to process transactions off-chain before bundling them into a single transaction on-chain.

4. Verifiable and Trustless AI Execution

Trust is paramount in the world of blockchain. Oraichain ensures that AI models are executed in a manner that's both verifiable and trustless. This means that users can have confidence in the AI data without necessarily trusting the data provider.

5. Decentralized Data and AI Platform

Oraichain is not just about AI; it's also a platform for data. The Data Hub offers tools for data exploration, analysis, storage, and sharing. It aims to monetize data while preserving the rights of data creators. The AI Marketplace, on the other hand, is a hub where AI services can be accessed, purchased, or sold.

6. IBC Integration

Interblockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) is a protocol that allows different blockchains to communicate with each other. Oraichain, being a part of the CosmosSDK-based ecosystem, integrates IBC to achieve multi-chain interoperability, especially with OraiDEX, its decentralized exchange.

In conclusion, Oraichain's technology is a blend of advanced AI techniques and cutting-edge blockchain solutions. It's designed to be scalable, trustless, and verifiable, making it a promising solution for the future integration of AI and blockchain.

Tokenomics of $ORAI

Oraichain's tokenomics is a comprehensive structure that governs the distribution, utility, and incentives associated with the ORAI token. The ORAI token exists in multiple forms across different blockchain networks, including Ethereum's ERC20, BNB Chain's BEP20, and Oraichain's native mainnet.


Token Utilities:

  • Transaction Fee: ORAI tokens are essential for executing AI requests and any transaction within the Oraichain network.
  • Staking for Validators: Validators must stake ORAI to be eligible for block creation or data request fulfillment.
  • Network Governance: The Oraichain network operates in a DAO manner, requiring token holders to vote on protocol upgrades and parameter changes.

Token Distribution Overview (as of August 2023):

  • Ecosystem: 5,538,595 ORAI
  • DAO Treasury: 1,700,000 ORAI
  • Foundation: 6,062,294 ORAI (with 3,229,850 ORAI delegated in the FDC Program)
  • Total Circulating Supply: 13,300,889 ORAI
  • Total Supply: 16,779,272 ORAI
  • Max Supply: 19,779,272 ORAI

Minting Mechanism:

  1. Block Rewards: ORAI tokens are rewarded for each newly created block. A random validator is chosen for block creation, and new ORAI tokens are mined only when a block contains transactions with fees.
  2. Request-Executing Rewards: Validators can earn additional ORAI tokens by executing test cases and data sources. 70% of the total transaction fee is extracted as a reward for the first three parties, with the remaining 30% reserved for validators of the newly committed block.

Inflation, Staking, and Slashing:

  • Staking: To maintain the value of the ORAI token, holders can stake their tokens on the Oraichain network. The reward tokens are distributed based on the number of tokens staked to a validator.
  • Slashing: This mechanism penalizes validator misbehaviors in terms of AI API quality, response time, and availability.

For a more in-depth understanding and further details, readers are encouraged to explore the official Oraichain Tokenomics documentation and monitor the ORAI token's performance on platforms like Coingecko.

Oraichain Partners

Oraichain Products


Growth Potential of Oraichain

The fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain, particularly in the realm of smart contracts, is poised to be one of the most transformative technological synergies of the decade. As we delve into the market opportunity for Oraichain, it's essential to understand the broader landscape of these technologies and the potential they hold.

1. Exponential Growth in AI:The AI market is on a trajectory of exponential growth. According to market research, the global AI market size is expected to reach over $190 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of approximately 36% from 2020. This growth is driven by increased demand for AI-driven solutions across industries, from healthcare to finance and beyond.


2. Smart Contracts are the Future of Transactions:The smart contract market is also witnessing rapid expansion. As businesses recognize the efficiency, transparency, and security benefits of smart contracts, their adoption is skyrocketing. The global smart contracts market is projected to reach around $300 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of over 32%.

Oraichain's Unique Position:Oraichain is uniquely positioned at the intersection of these two burgeoning markets. By enabling the integration of complex AI models into smart contracts, Oraichain is not just riding two major technological waves but is also creating a new niche that could redefine how businesses operate.

Growth Potential for Oraichain:

  • First Mover Advantage: As one of the pioneers in integrating AI with smart contracts, Oraichain stands to benefit from the first-mover advantage. Early adoption and innovation can lead to a dominant market position as the niche evolves.
  • Increasing Demand for Decentralized AI Solutions: With data privacy and security becoming paramount, there's a growing demand for decentralized AI solutions. Oraichain's decentralized AI API marketplace caters precisely to this need, offering a platform that's both innovative and timely.
  • Broad Applicability: The use cases for Oraichain's solutions span various sectors, from finance with AI-driven yield farming strategies to media with fake news detection. This broad applicability can drive widespread adoption and growth.
  • Community and Ecosystem Development: Oraichain's emphasis on community engagement and ecosystem development, as seen with initiatives like ORAI DAO, ensures sustained growth driven by a committed user base.

In conclusion, considering the projected market sizes of AI and smart contracts, combined with Oraichain's innovative solutions and strategic positioning, the growth potential for Oraichain is immense. As businesses and developers increasingly seek AI-enhanced smart contract solutions, Oraichain could very well be at the forefront of this technological revolution, capturing a significant share of this multi-billion dollar opportunity.

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